A Day Behind the Scenes with Annabel at Winchester Health and Beauty


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Annabel  at Winchester Health & Beauty

I say goodbye and wish a good day to my family including the dogs. After my journey into Winchester, which differs day to day depending on who else I’m joined with on the M3, I have a rather pleasurable walk into work taking in all the surroundings of what beautiful Winchester has to offer.
I feel particularly proud of where I work the gorgeous white pillars leading up to the Georgian building makes me feel at home when I arrive. The first thing I do when I come into my room is turn my wax pot on and fill it up with a fresh batch of gooey tea tree creme wax. The next is that I turn on the music to start to create my little sanctuary which is when I light my candle to ensure the seasonal aroma spreads through the room to add that extra touch of luxury for my clients.
Once I feel my room fits the expectations of how I think a salon should look and feel I then unpack my bag and set up my belongings for the day which includes filling up my water bottle and putting my lunch in the fridge. I love the feel of a fresh tunic so I tend to bring a fresh one into work and not put it on until I get there.
Then after double checking that I have put an adequate amount towels in the steam towel cabinet and the heated mitts and booties are warming nicely I welcome my first client into the room and stand proud by the door welcoming them in my room with a smile from ear to ear, after all I must live up to my nickname ; Smiler.
It then comes to lunch time in the blink of an eye and I sit enjoy and reflect on my morning whilst giving my fiancé a call to see how his morning has been, normally very busy and productive, Arms covered in engine oil and his hair slowly turning from a lovely clean bleach blonde to more light brown colour, for you who don’t know he is a very skilful car mechanic and has been for 15years, our trades couldn’t be any more different.
During my break I check for voicemail messages and email replying to them while I can and ensure I have all I need out for the second half of the day, I give my floor another whizz over with the mop before welcoming in my first afternoon guest. I genuinely feel lucky to be in a job which I don’t feel is work and nearly 10 years on I still feel the same way. I love to meet new clients who bring with them such stories and knowledge, I feel I learn so much from them and throughly enjoy being part of their crucial monthly maintenance or special birthday treat. Some of my clients come to me with all sorts of reasons but the majority come with either low self esteem or low confidence and through getting to know them and seeing them regularly I see them grow into more independent confident people, the biggest and quickest self esteem boost I feel is a spray tan, the golden colour really hides a multitude of sins and smoothes over cellulite and any other areas we feel ashamed to expose. Nearing on to the end of the day and I wave fair well to my last client and shut the door. This is where deep clean Annabel comes to play, I strip the bed of its blanket and towels and pack them up along with all the other laundry to take home, I clean my wax pot as well as the surrounding surfaces of any sticky residue and depending on if I have done any spray tans that day I would wipe down the St Tropez spray tan unit and flush the gun through to remove any traces of tan. Now the next part some would call this an obsessive compulsive but I like to call it routine and organisation, I go around the room starting in one corner turning off appliances, locking the windows turning off the lights and blowing out the gorgeous smelling candle. I pack my bag and head out the door checking and double checking that I’ve done everything I need to before I leave. I like to have a full clean down at the end of the day as when I come through the door in the morning doesn’t take as long to set up for the day and I can concentrate of preparing the room for my clients, after all that’s who I am there for. YOU


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