Get prepared ready for Valentine’s Day ❤️

Getting Valentine Ready!
Most of us are drawn into Valentines Day, whether or not you celebrate it with a loved one, a friend, your Dog or even in your own glorious company! Make sure that whoever you are spending it with, that you are well and truly ready for this romantic time of year, after all you never know when Cupid will strike!
Research on the day itself, and why it is so special reveals that Valentines Day was a day originally to celebrate the love, fertility and sacred marriage of Zeus and Hera in Ancient Athens and the Ancient Roman festival of Lupercus, the God of fertility.
So with the history lesson over lets get down to what we know and love; Beauty! When the beginning of February arrives the diary is busy with clients booking in for Opi Gel Manicures, St Tropez Spray tans and Hot and warm waxing (no-one wants to be fuzzy on Valentines Day!)
What will you choose?

– whether with varnish or gel they are always popular this time of year. Client Valentine favourites are Beautiful bright reds, devilishly dark maroons and perfectly pastel pinks! These are all extremely flattering to all skin tones and ages, and are easily matched to a little black dress!


Spray tanning
– this is by far the safest and easiest way to add a healthy glow, especially when we are not enjoying any natural sun.. By lightly spraying this golden sun kissed product onto your skin you will instantly feel more confident and look fantastic- whether on a first date or with your partner of 40 years!


is hugely popular now, with women (and men!) of all ages. Most clients tend to need waxing on a 4-6 week cycle (everyone’s re-growth is different!) and of course for those special occasions such as a holiday or party. Valentines Day is a day when we all feel that little bit of extra pressure to look and feel our very best. These are top tips to help give you achieve this!
1. Exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate! The more you do this the better for your waxing treatment. By exfoliating you will remove dead skin cells, lift any slightly ingrown hairs and stimulate hair follicles ready for removal.

2. Hydrate your skin, after exfoliating and washing. Step out of the shower and dry your skin, and whilst your skin is slightly damp apply a nourishing body cream to rehydrate and soothe your skin. This ensures that flaky skin is kept to a minimum and will ensure your skin is in the best condition to then be waxed.

3.Wear loose fitting clothing if at all possible. By doing this your skin will be able to cool quickly after the treatment which will reduce any inflammation or redness..
The very best way of combining treatments is to have the manicure and spray tans as close to the event as possible to ensure you have optimum benefits from both treatments, and look wonderful. Waxing on the other hand could be carried out 48 hours before the event and at least 24 hours prior to spray tanning. 

However you spend your Valentines Day, with these treatments you will be able to enjoy your day with confidence! 

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