Gel nails using the highly pigmented gels by gel bottle company to give you long lasting high shine,high pigmented nails for weeks

Gel Nails by Gel bottle company

We love them, you love them. Gel Nails are all the rage and why wouldn’t they be with their lasting high shine chip proof finish and a zero drying time! Nails are speedily 'cured' under a LED light using The Gel Bottle Company lamp. Choose from one of Gel bottle Company’s amazing range of highly pigmented colours. Equally good in flip-flop weather or for that perfectly groomed look, a fuss free colour finish that lasts atleast 4 weeks!

The Luxury Gel Colour

60 minutes - £40

This treatment includes all the correct nail preparation for your chosen colour but has a slight twist- we will also use an AHA enzyme based exfoliant to brighten and freshen the skin AND give your skin a boost with a stress relieving massage.

Gel Colour Overlays

30 minutes - £28

The most perfect week in-week out nail treatment. Nails will be cleansed and filed and cuticles will be tided and prepared for the application of your chosen gel colour. It's a no-brainer.

The Safe Removal

15 minutes - £15
(or FREE with re-application)

The Professional way to remove your Gels. With a gel remover that is gentle but effective, we are able to soak off your gels without drying out or damaging your nails. After the removal we will buff your nails for you to wear beautifully naked, or with the re-application of yet another gorgeous colour. gel-color-opi