Manicure & Pedicure by OPI

We are delighted to be OPI stockists! OPI is one of the original Salon Professional brands and is the favourite of many celebrities (and us!). OPI have always ensured that they use the most up-to-date research facilities in Hollywood to give their customers the very highest quality products. They are incredibly innovative and creative and are the world's leading manufacturer of nail products. Their wonderful range of colours are carefully formulated under strict guidelines and are toluene formaldehyde and DBP free! We have very high standards here at Winchester Health and Beauty and want you to experience treatments using the very highest quality products.

The Luxury Avoplex Manicure


This delicious treatment is as follows! Nails are filed and buffed to your chosen length and shape, cuticles are exfoliated and dead skin cells are removed. Avocado based emollients are gently applied to the skin to polish and smooth your hands before a luscious stress relieving massage relaxes them! Your hands will then experience the most hydrating of masques before being placed into warm heated mitts. This treat is finished with an OPI colour of your choice. What's not to like!

The Avoplex Manicure


Almost as gorgeous as the luxury treatment- Nails and cuticles are perfected before your hands are gently scrubbed and then softened with our silky smooth avocado nourishing massage cream. A tension relieving massage will be topped off with the application of a nail colour of your choice. Gorgeous!

The Juicy Manicure


If you are short on time then this is the manicure for you- Nails are filed, Cuticles are tidied, and a quick circulation boosting mini-massage is then followed with the application of colour or high shine of your choice. Perfect.

Twinkle Fingers


This is the perfect treat for any little (princess) girl (under 10).

The Luxury Pedicure


Where to start with this joyful experience! Well- feet are firstly soaked in a pool of luxurious bubbles. Then your Nails and Cuticles will all be tidied to perfection. Following this you will experience a combination of foot filing and a Fruit enriched exfoliation to buff away hard skin. Once your feet are feeling smooth we will nourish them by massaging a silky smooth cream into your skin. As if this wasn't enough, a luxurious antioxidant will renew and refresh your feet whilst warm booties help aid absorption of this gorgeous product. Once we have steam towelled off the masques we will then be ready to paint your toes with a beautiful colour. Ta dah!

The OPI Pedicure


A slight shorter but equally wondrous pedicure will see your feet will start their journey soaked in a warm mini pool of water. Then nails will be cut, filed and buffed to ensure the application of your colour lasts. Cuticles will be pushed and exfoliated to ensure we rid of any dead skin and feet filed with a foot file and exfoliated with a fruit enzyme exfoliant. Hydration and massage follows with a luscious foot cream. Once complete we will finish with the application of your chosen nail colour.

The Juicy Pedicure


Again, short on time but big on value the Juicy Pedicure will see your Nails filed and buffed and cuticles exfoliated and pushed. Your feet will then have a little taste of heaven with a mini massage and then finished to perfection with your chosen nail colour.

Refresh and Revive


Particularly fabulous in warm weather, but equally restorative if you have simply been on your feet all day,this is one of our favourite treatments. Your feet will be soaked in a mini pool of warm water, and covered in a luscious hydrating cream which will be massaged into your skin. Heated boots help the cream penetrate the skin leaving your feet feeling as light as a feather. In hot weather a cooling spritz of peppermint will keep them fresh for hours.

Twinkle Toes


Painted (twinkle) toes is one of the finishing touches for any princess wannabe.