Outback Organics Waxing

Here at Winchester Health and Beauty we are very excited about this range of waxes! Combining Organic ingredients from Australia’s Coastline and Outback and fusing it with the latest cosmetic ingredients, Outback Organics are able to give you the most efficient and ethical hair removal results to date.

We use Tea Tree Warm Wax for our strip wax method - Tea Tree is one of Mother Nature’s strongest antiseptics. This essential oil is traditionally used for many conditions from insect bites to breakouts, which is why we like to use it for our strip wax! This classic crème wax will leave your skin feeling clean and nourished unlike the traditional sticky honey consistency of most other waxes.

For our more intimate and sensitive areas we use Outback Gold - a revolutionary shimmery gold wax which will give you a first class feel from start to finish! The hot wax cleverly shrink wraps around the hair and dries in less than 30seconds. This means that it doesn’t adhere to the skin, making it a more comfortable experience for you. Don't let the word hot scare you either- this product melts at a lower temperature to standard regular wax with very superior results. We think you will agree with us!

Winchester Health and Beauty will ensure that you will have the most comfortable and professional waxing experience ever. Welcome to the new age of waxing!

Lip & Chin£12
Sides of face£12
Back & ChestPrice
Full Back£25
Full Chest£25
Full Back &
Full Chest
Legs & ArmsPrice
Half Leg£19
Full Leg£28
Half Arm£15
Full Arm£18

Bikini PriceDescription (All hair removed...)
Standard Bikini£15From the sides of the pant line
High Bikini£18From the sides and under the pant line
Brazilian£25With a strip left in the centre
The Halfway£28Underneath and a strip left at the top
Hollywood£32From the bikini and buttock area