Shrinking violet body wrap

This treatment is set to wow you! Whether you have a dress that's too tight, or want to feel more confident and ready for that summer holiday, the Tibby Olivier Shrinking Violet Body Wrap accepts the challenge.

How it works

The unique formula of nanoceutical active ingredients means that the products used can penetrated more quickly into the body to start to get to work on the breakdown of subcutaneous fat cells, and turn them from triglycerides to fatty acids which are then able to be flushed through the natural lymphatic system in the body.

All of this wouldn't be possible without the heated wrapture technique which encapsulates the product to ensure you receive the full amount of concentrated active ingredients with which to penetrate your skin. The easier way to explain this is to imagine your fat cells are grapes: the product penetrates into these fat cells and sticks to them. The bodies natural response is to get rid of the product, and in doing so takes the fat with it. This then shrinks your fat cell turning it into a (much smaller) raisin!

How Often?

We would recommend having these treatments as a course of 6. Your first two will be 72 hours apart, then the treatments after will be set weekly to ensure optimum results. Most clients are likely to see inch loss after one session.

Prior to the treatment we will take before pictures and measurements, this will give us the chance to compare results.

What is the treatment like?

The treatment will take place on a heated couch where you will receive body brushing to exfoliate and stimulate skin cells and circulation. The active ingredients will then be applied and you will be wrapped up whilst the Shrinking Violet products get to work.

You will be able to relax and unwind once the wrap is applied, and we will provide you with a complementary facial to which you will probably drift off! Once the product has been absorbed we will start to unwrap you-this is a completely painless procedure and there is no downtime afterwards. We will then re-measure and note down your results.


Shrinking violet body wrap 
course of 3£200
Course of 6£300

Shrinking Violet Treatment