We promise that we will do our best!

This was the Promise we remembered from our Guiding days ( a few years ago now you will understand!) With this in mind we headed to the 3rd Winchester City Guide Company after work on Wednesday.

Mission? – to teach a group of Guides aged from 11 to 13 years about the importance of looking after your skin from an early age. A row of beaming faces greeted us and we quickly organised tables so that each Guide had a set of Dermalogica Clear Start Samples, a shower hat ( Sarah, one of the leaders, looked especially lovely in hers) sponges, hand towels and warm water. Annabel quickly grabbed their attention by telling them to create lots of foam with the first product and telling them to rub it all over their faces -from that moment on it was plain sailing – the girls were very enthusiastic and loved the quiz we had organised for them. The evening ended with a room full of squeaky clean and shiny faces, and the girls each had a goody bag to take home. We couldn’t bear the disappointed looks on the faces of the leaders so they had a goody bag to take home too!

A lovely evening and useful too we hope!

Karen graduated from the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in 2008, gaining a BSc (Hons) and a Licentiate in Acupuncture. Karen is a member of the British Acupuncture Council, the professional body for acupuncturists in the UK.