Collagen Induction Therapy

Collagen Induction Therapy (also known as Micro-needling) uses a hand held roller containing 192 micro needles. This device is gently rollered all over the face to create micro trauma within the skin. The body then ‘repairs’ this damage by producing collagen. A single treatment can produce between 206%-1000% of increased collagen.

We use medically graded rollers (which means they are sterilized and completely safe to use) and our method of needling is painless and has an extremely rapid recovery time. To enhance your treatment we use an organic green tea anti-aging serum which enhances the rollers ability to induce collagen. Perfect for tightening and smoothing the skin, this treatment can be used all over the body. Cellulite and stretch marks can be treated, as well as skin that is beginning to sag such as upper arms and décolletage. It’s not an instant fix, but with patience skin will look smoother and firmer.

Single Treatment - £140

Course of Six (Recommended) - £780