3 easy tips to protect your skin this winter

3 easy tips to protect your skin this winter

Winter is a lovely time of year, filled with crisp fresh air and blustery beach walks which are great to blow the cobwebs away. I’m afraid to say your skin might not benefit from this change in weather as the winter plays havoc with our skin, causing dryness and speeding up premature aging. Fear not though, as we have the perfect antidote for your skin to ensure it stays protected and feels hydrated throughout the winter.

1 Travelling:

That trip to work in the morning can be hazardous for our skin! Keep blowers in the car directed well away for your face as direct heat will cause a sudden surge of blood rush to the face causing capillaries to dilate and break. Direct blowers to your feet instead!

2 Layering up:

I’m not just talking clothing, I’m talking skin care too. Protecting your skin by adding layers of protection: Serums, Boosters, Moisturisers and SPF will not only keep your skin hydrated and looking brighter, but will help protect it from the weather, free radicals and pollution. Imagining your skin is a ‘brick wall’ will help – layering your skin with the right products will prevent harmful environmental damage getting in through ‘gaps’ in your wall. I would thoroughly recommend spritzing your skin throughout the day with the multi-active toner from dermalogica. It’s a great way to re-hydrate your skin and can even be applied over makeup.

3 Relaxing Baths:

Hot baths and showers can really reduce the skins moisture levels leaving the skin dehydrated and prone to skin disorders. Using tepid, or room temperature water will help maintain the skins moisture levels. Try adding a few drops of Chamomile or Lavender essential oils to create a calming atmosphere, and to sooth and hydrate your skin. Lay back, inhale deeply, and let your stress drift away.

Annabel has been a fully trained Beauty therapist since 2007. She incorporates all aspects of beauty and holistic therapy into her work. Please see the ‘Beauty Treatments’ page for further details. Annabel has been in practice in Winchester for 7 years and is an extremely dedicated and caring therapist.